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Franco-Portuguese singer-songwriter


Sandra Do Couto's real name was born in Lyon (France) on August 20, 1981.

The love of music and song carries her from her cradle through her dual Franco-Lusitanian culture .

A first scene around 8 years old was his revelation!

It was from the age of 14, she started writing to the rhythm of her two languages.

She follows a few singing lessons and is introduced to the synthesizer for her first creations.

The desire to share her passions has always guided her.


From piano bars to balls, first parts in street scenes,

and after recovering from a vocal cord operation,

she started recording her songs in 2004 .

First in Portuguese, then in French, she traces the first furrows of her imprint.

In 2009, she created “ Le Comédia ”, Dinner-shows which she completely rewrote

with a troupe of 12 actor-singers.

Original stories mixing international compositions, sketches and hits as well!

It is rediscovered during a second recording session since 2012

with the Monkeytunes label (Studio and Editions).

She writes a new title under the pseudonym " Sandra Do ", "Petit Quartier" in July 2019

where she records this song with the "Creative Team" team in Villeurbanne.

In April 2020 official release of the title "If God is a woman"

and creation of "Savanah Eve Production" with final use of the nickname "Sandra Do"


With Sandra Do , she decides to highlight her true musical and artistic origins

to know: its double culture!

In early 2020, it also launched its own online ready-to-wear women's boutique " Savanah Eve Boutique "

Her references: from Edith Piaf to Amalia Rodrigues , beautiful French and international songs.

Authentic and modern , his personality is felt through his texts and sounds.

Her universe full of sensuality and sensitivity , where the voice remains the prettiest instrument,

will undoubtedly seduce you.

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